Wednesday, June 1

Working on it.

I'm working on my final showcase post so far, as far as shoes are concerned. I have lots of on going projects and ideas on what to do, and in the near days I'll keep posting some sketches on those.
Also, I'd like to remind that I AM still updating and have plans on different sections of this blog. Like the "who is this guy!?" section needs to be continued and filtered alot. And also a brief introduction to the beginning will be added. Since they're the "most-recent-shoes-made-by-me" post, It's going to be mainly sketches, plans, finds etc. posted on this blog, but I hope people will find it interesting :)

BUT next up is my first ever high heel creation from 2010, with a very heavy lean on Sámi culture, since it's almost completely from reindeer leather and fur!

See you soon!

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