Monday, June 27

What happened to Helsinki? It was the Foo's.

After the concert, I felt like
somebody beat me up. Extremely
tired, extremely happy.
I'm wearing a pair of plain patent
burgundy derby's that were my graduation
work when I became an apprentice.
 Yesterday was a great day: Foo Fighters played in Helsinki for a large crowd of fans. The athmosphere was great and when the greatly anticipated main crew came on stage, people went crazy and Mr. Dave Grohl bolted straight to the front of a long stretch coming from the stage. And it was all good thereafter. So good that I had goosebumps from every song they played.

What's ever intriquing is the absolute and straight up feeling of integrity, honesty, fun, energy, passion and love that the Foos channel with their appearance. I don't know how they do it, and I quite frankly don't understand how it happens, but as a band they're just so... reachable. Humane. Alive. Real. Of all the bands I've liked, the Foos lack some kind of coldness and separation that's very usual for artists. Maybe they just genuinely care for their fans and see the band as a kind of a journey with them? Maybe that's their secret?
Anyhoo, a great show from a great band, to put it short :D
Just me and my 30 000 friends hanging out before a gig.

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