Friday, June 3

A good start.

Whoa! We broke the 100 visitors counter late yesterday night (thursday)! Thanks to all of YOU :D What a nice start for the first steps of my blog. Like I said before, my "showcase" shoes have now been displayed so next up are the more recent projects and thoughts... all related to shoemaking, shoe fashion, dreams, studies and career. I'm also going to put all the shoes I've made on the same page, so they'll be easy enough to find. And don't worry, there'll be more handmade shoes to be made, and you all can peek inside the different phases of making a pair. Maybe I should keep a lottery? And for the winner I'd make a pair of bespoke shoes?

I hope you all find my adventures even somewhat interesting. There's alot of stuff coming my way :)
And thank you visitors!

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