Sunday, June 19

Making Ballerinas - Part 4 Fitting & Fixing

Fitting is quite an exciting moment: the shoe with it's basic elements get to be tested on your client and you'll get a more wholesome view on how the shoe will look and work while worn or walked with. When making bespoke shoes, it's rarely that one gets a perfect fit on the first try, so it's common that some small adjustments have to be done. In this chapter I'll show you some phases of fitting and fixing.

The fitting showed two main problems: the small toes are squashed on the shown area and the nail of the big toe needs more space.
The inner side of the ballerinas. You can see the needed toe space to the left and some changes to the uppers that I marked with red lines. The inner arch looks very fitting nevertheless.
So it's back to building! I took some 3mm rubber-cork mixture sheet and cut it to approximate size for the needed areas. Then both the last and the corks were glued.
And here they are, glued to the last.
After some careful shaping this is what I came up with.
The added shape is quite unnoticable, but will make a huge difference once the shoe is worn.
With the last fitting, the client is happy with the changes and we're ready to go!

Next up is the making of the actual uppers. See you in a few days!


  1. kiva kiva.. hauska nähdä tämä valmiina.

  2. Dear Mr.O
    If you ever ever ever are in need of a pair of male feet im at your service and if you ever are putting the lottery on, like you said in some previous post, i will buy every ticket! :)

    not saying this in this post not because i would like ballerinas, but cause i want a pair of shoes made by Mäensivu bottier. i can allready see my self floating all proud with those shoes on :)

  3. Unikuu: kiitos kiitos! Odotan sitä myös innolla

    Chocolate Caliente: Thank you Mr.Chocolate for your kind and inspiring words! Unfortunately the lottery, if it will ever happen, would be for women's shoes only. IF it happens. Ofcourse I could make a pair of high heels for you, if it's your fancy ;)