Monday, October 29

The western trail goes on...

Well, I've still got no working space, so if you've got any ideas from the Helsinki please let me know, I'd be much obliged :)
 And so we continue with our strange western journey. It's time for the mockup and fitting and some good old tooling:

After I made the patterns I cut and assembled these mockups for fitting.
It's all for the mockup baby!
And a surprisingly decent fit. Really, it rarely happens.
A better view of the opening.

And next it's back to the bench. While the uppers were done by our magnificient clicker (=> who cut's and sews the leather pieces together to form uppers), I started to make the red tooled leather inlays to the uppers.
Here's what happens really, you take tooling leather (mine's roughly 1,5mm thick) and draw lines to it. I'm of course using the pattern from the actual shoe's patterns. And then you cut it with the special rotating knife shown to the left.
Like so.
On the left is the one with the cuts and to the right with just the drawn lines.
Tooling leather needs to be moisted regularly while tooling, so it's like wax to shape the way you please.
After the main lines, I drew some roses by free hand.
The right one tooled and ready for dyeing, the left has just been cut along the drawn lines.

All sewn on the uppers and ready to go!