Thursday, May 31

A turquoise brogue sketch

And here's yet another sketch I recently did. There's something wrong with it, as I'm not fully pleased with it. Looks a bit... boring.

What do you think? Any suggestions how to make it better?

Actually, maybe we should have a contest in design? :D Something nice for the winner, of course.
I'll get back to that soon!

Tuesday, May 29

Sketching the rose and turguoise oxford

My blog life has obviously slowed down, but still, today's my blog's one year anniversary! :D
It's been a great year, though I expected more shoes. Oh well, such is life, and honestly working two shifts in a row isn't my cup of tea so I do my best.

I met with Ms. Minna Parikka last weekend, and for some reason I was very nervous of this sudden meet; a thing I hadn't expected. Being nervous that is. Well, meeting her either. Guess I'm some sort of an admirer of her work.
She did show some interest to my bespoke high heels as I left her my hand written contact, which was better, because in that instance I realized that the business cards I made for myself last year, well they look a bit too much like they're her's :) Seriously, I have to make new ones. See for your self: here.

Ms. Minna Parikka's pop up store in Kluuvi was pretty awesome, and some shoe models have become obvious classics as they were introduced in 20 different colours and materials.

I'm in the middle of a third mockup for those black knee high boots, and praying they'll fit a lot better than the recent two. I'll post later on that project. Another project is just on the first steps of deciding a model, and here's a peek at one of them:

I really love the square cut on the vamp on these oxfords. They're simple but festive, elegant but casual enough for less formal events. I don't know, I just like the style.
Btw, you can click the image because it's quite large and make A4 prints out of it :)
Have fun :)

Thursday, May 10

Tye Shoemaker - A Japanese craft of perfection

I'm speechless. When I came across Tye Shoemaker, a japanese company producing handmade shoes, I was silent, speechless, out of words. The elegancy of their designs and the precision and skill they've put into these shoes... Is just amazing. And when we're talking about handmade shoes, it means it in every sense of the word. Even the heels are built from leather pieces, and I've never seen that on high heels I can tell you.

Unfortunately I don't understand japanese, so I can't give you any background on the company, but what I'm seeing is actually something I'd like to venture to.
It was also interesting to see their prices:
Shoes: 2500€
Short boots: 3000€
Long boots: 3500€

I don't know, but I'm guessing that these prices are not for made to measure high heels. With this caliber of quality and leathers I'd imagine them to be even higher. But I could be wrong, so if anyone knows japanese could they translate their 'prices' section for me? I can't use any translator as the text is an image, I think.

Their website is beautiful, and definitely worth a visit to all you fancy high heel lovers out there:

Friday, May 4

Rock'a me baby!

Some randomness from days recently past:
1960's winklepickers with cuban heels. For men. I think they're way elegant. Many consider pointy men's shoes disturbing and vulgar, but let them scream to the comments. Or something.
This picture is hanging from a wall in Kankaanpää shoemaker school.

And here's the proof that goodyear welted, classic and elegant shoes were made for men. In Finland.

And a peek at what I do daily at my desk - at work: This here's some orthopedic shoemaking in it's finest :)
The furthest shoe has a plastic counter and a composite (whatever that means) toe cap. The toe cap has varying layers of carbon fibre and god-knows-what-fibres and they've been laminated on the last with resin, obviously to give extra protection to the toes. The only things I've done here are the heel counters, the insoles, the steel amputation spring below and the whitish rubber protection on the toe caps.
Here's the pair ready and lasted. They're actually derby shoes, but have a shield of somesort over the laces. I don't exactly know why, as the design and patterns are not mine. I just last them.
And a pair of magnificient lasting pliers from Minke, made in deutschland.

And the mockups I'm getting ready soon. I wanted to show this unattractive view of the difficulties one has to face when sewing a zipper on a knee high boot.

A great weekend to you all!