Tuesday, May 29

Sketching the rose and turguoise oxford

My blog life has obviously slowed down, but still, today's my blog's one year anniversary! :D
It's been a great year, though I expected more shoes. Oh well, such is life, and honestly working two shifts in a row isn't my cup of tea so I do my best.

I met with Ms. Minna Parikka last weekend, and for some reason I was very nervous of this sudden meet; a thing I hadn't expected. Being nervous that is. Well, meeting her either. Guess I'm some sort of an admirer of her work.
She did show some interest to my bespoke high heels as I left her my hand written contact, which was better, because in that instance I realized that the business cards I made for myself last year, well they look a bit too much like they're her's :) Seriously, I have to make new ones. See for your self: here.

Ms. Minna Parikka's pop up store in Kluuvi was pretty awesome, and some shoe models have become obvious classics as they were introduced in 20 different colours and materials.

I'm in the middle of a third mockup for those black knee high boots, and praying they'll fit a lot better than the recent two. I'll post later on that project. Another project is just on the first steps of deciding a model, and here's a peek at one of them:

I really love the square cut on the vamp on these oxfords. They're simple but festive, elegant but casual enough for less formal events. I don't know, I just like the style.
Btw, you can click the image because it's quite large and make A4 prints out of it :)
Have fun :)


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    1. Kiitos Nelliina :) Vähän ollut hiljaista meikäläisen bloggailu, ja sitä myötä lukijoiden osallistuminen, toivottavasti tästä kuitenkin kohoillaan.

  2. Ei se määrä vaan se laatu, Otsoseni! ;) Pitkälle olet vuodessa päässyt ja pidemmälle oot vielä menossa! <3