Thursday, May 10

Tye Shoemaker - A Japanese craft of perfection

I'm speechless. When I came across Tye Shoemaker, a japanese company producing handmade shoes, I was silent, speechless, out of words. The elegancy of their designs and the precision and skill they've put into these shoes... Is just amazing. And when we're talking about handmade shoes, it means it in every sense of the word. Even the heels are built from leather pieces, and I've never seen that on high heels I can tell you.

Unfortunately I don't understand japanese, so I can't give you any background on the company, but what I'm seeing is actually something I'd like to venture to.
It was also interesting to see their prices:
Shoes: 2500€
Short boots: 3000€
Long boots: 3500€

I don't know, but I'm guessing that these prices are not for made to measure high heels. With this caliber of quality and leathers I'd imagine them to be even higher. But I could be wrong, so if anyone knows japanese could they translate their 'prices' section for me? I can't use any translator as the text is an image, I think.

Their website is beautiful, and definitely worth a visit to all you fancy high heel lovers out there:


  1. What a wonderful shoes! ♥
    Especially those brown ones in a second place...
    ...I'm in love!

  2. Yes, Koo, I totally agree. The brown shoe's style is called the "ghillie shoes". I think they originate from scottish national dresses.
    I love them too <3

  3. Wow, I haven't been to your blog in a while but I have to say that I'm really digging the new style! <3 Also, Japanese tend to be very precise and thorough in everything they do, so the quality of these shoes does not surprise me (too much). Very pretty. <3

    1. Thanks Saana! Always a pleasure to have you back <3
      Japanese craftsmen outdo the rest of us.

  4. hi guys, congratulation for the work you do. Are the shoes in this photos handmade by you?

    1. Thanks, it's been very quiet with posts and so on. These shoes are NOT made by me. They're from a japanese company named Tye-shoemaker.