Monday, May 30


 As a continuum to my last post, I'll continue with a pair of  bold spectator shoes that I made for myself with the same lasts as "The Blacks". As I stated before, my urge to get winklepickers drove me to making them for myself, and as a fan of the oxford cut the full brogues and especially the traditional two toned Spectator shoes stole my heart away with their classy yet somewhat intentional attention seeking posture (:D Nice line :D)
So I was again thrilled of trying something I couldn't find from the web: Spectator winklepickers!

They involved alot of experimental stuff, so eventually there's some little details I would've done better. Like the brogue styled holes, that I first designed to be minimal, didn't actually give the effect that I wanted. And you can see the red leather sole which I scraped with glass? Well the scraping didn't go all too well. But nonetheless I'm quite happy to the result and they have a much firmer hold on the foot compared to "The Blacks". The sole design was also my first with alot of curvy lines going here and there, but they fit the whole.

And I DO love to hear comments, even though you'd be just drifting by ;)



  1. Huh, siinäpä vasta spittarit vailla vertaa! Varmasti komeimmat miesten kengät mitä ikinä olen nähnyt, hienoa työtä! :)

  2. Sonja: Kiitos kiitos :D Ja toimivat säännöllisessä keikaroinnissa oikein mainiosti.

  3. Is it possible to purchase a pair of those?

  4. If so, you may email me:

    A thousand thanks,