Sunday, October 16

A remedy for the upcoming cold nights: shoemaking!

Well, honestly said, my postings have been quite quiet for the last two weeks. But today I'm here to break that silence. It's a long due to show what's going on right now. I've currently three orders, of which one is in the ice for now. Also I'm planning to make myself a pair of good old school gentleman's boots, with hand sewn welts and all. Niina's boots patterns are redone and I'm going to last the new uppers soon.

Less talk and more show, that's my game:
Here's the iced project. Ms. Rock 'n roll with an "invisible" wedge. Patent leather uppers.
I was fortunate today to get a visit from a client who wants these kind of boots. We chatted and took measurements, and she was unfortunate to try my "Queens seat" ;) When clients have a picture ready, it makes everything a lot simpler doesn't it?
Yeah, baby! It's low low heels and tiny sized 47 lasts with blocks of log glued to them? Modern art? Could be, but in all seriousness I just wanted to show you all how neatly lasts can be made wider and looonger. Results shown later.

This is an approximate of what I'm going to do. These colours would go well with denims. Right now I'm nuts about the suede and calf leather combo. Perfetto! Their style is called the Balmoral boots or AKA Galosh boots. Picture found from googling: balmoral boots.

I finally bought myself a toolbox! It's great, it's marvellous and it has drawers. A must from K-Rauta for 49.90€. The upper apartment is very spacious considering it's overall size. I can fit papers, leathers and lasts there. Made by Bahco.

As an ending entertainment, I wanted to share with you all a picture I took about a week ago. This is an everyday view at my part of Helsinki, and I think it just reflects something very old and traditional. Cops on horses. In a city. Gotta <3 it! I <3 Helsinki. Period.

Joo-o. Sitä on Hra. Kengittäjä vähän laiminlyönyt blogiaan tässä pari viikkoa. Vaan ei hätää, sillä nyt rikotaan hiljaisuus palaamalla asiaan, eli siihen mitä nyt tapahtuu. Kesken on kolme tilausta, joista yksi on jäissä. Sekä itse asiassa vielä projekti tehdä itselleni nilkkurit. Niinan saappaat ovat saaneet uudet kaavat ja tänä viikonloppuna puuhailin päällisiä niihin. Haastava projekti.
Vikassa kuvassa fiilistellään Helsinkiä.

I <3 Helsinki

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