Sunday, October 9


  1. I just found your blog, and I'm so glad that the craft of shoemaking isn't completely dead in Finland!

    In Jyväskylä, it seems impossible to find high-heel pumps or boots that would fit a wider-than-average foot. Travelling to Helsinki or Tampere and visiting random shoe shops is not practical either. Would you have any clue where we could search for a fitting pair of shoes? Or even better, would you be interested in making such shoes yourself?

  2. Welcome dear Matthieu! I'm too very happy that there's still people learning this ancient craft and that I can be a part of that smallish clan.

    I'm afraid that my knowledge on shoe shops or brands is quite unsufficient to give you any proposals on which ones to turn. First one that crosses my mind is ecco, but I guess they're not very sexy. You could try which is the largest online shoe specialized shop in finland. They have somekind of free tryout offer at their site.
    If you'd want me to make you a pair you can contact me by email: maensivushoes/a/
    wherein we can discuss details.