Tuesday, October 25

Happy St. Crispin's day!

Happy-say-what? Well, St. Crispins day is a traditional holiday for all shoemakers. Quite obviously sanctified by the catholic church, St. Crispin and his brother St. Crispinian were two shoemakers who preached the gospel by day and made shoes by night in Soissons, France. They were beheaded c. 286.

(Image from the blog: rsa-sb.blogspot.com)
This only shows how ancient our craft is, dating back to ancient times. This day of celebration is no longer practiced by shoemakers, though there's a visible awareness rising amongst shoemakers even in blogs. And it's something I celebrate today by bringing some sweet buns to work, and keeping in my mind this great profession that's ever so intriguing and full of history. Needless to say, I'm proud to be a shoemaker! A profession of which I'm absolutely passionate about, and today's a great day to tell it to the world :)

There will always be shoemakers.

Here's a few pioneer blogs dedicated to the craft:

  • Carréducker - A blog dedicated to the techniques of completely handmade bespoke gentlemen's shoes. they have a shop in Savile row, London.
  • Koronya - A hungarian Master Shoemaker, who has a shop in Budapest and has this wonderful blog about making shoes. There's even some high heels there :) He has a great video channel on youtube, too: Here.
  • The Shoe snob - Held by Mr. Justin Fitzpatrick, a passionate shoe lover blogging about the finest gentlemen's shoes on the planet. A great bank of inspiration and knowledge for me. He's working on Savile row, as well.

Enough said, Happy St. Crispin's day!