Sunday, August 21

My vintage designs

As many of you might have noticed, I have a soft spot for vintage ladies shoes and designs. Right now there's something magical with the late 19th to early 20th century shoes. The earliest shoe designers started when the industrial revolution began, and shoes were getting cheaper, thanks to machinery. Before that every pair was completely hand made and took a hell of a lot more time to make and was thus also very heavy on one's purse. The industrial shoe making has climaxed to our time when you can get a pair of leather shoes for way less than 20€ from many stores. In contrast, completely hand made bespoke dress shoes cost about 2000€ - 3000€ in europe nowadays. And that's the starting price.

I can preach about that subject more in the future, now it's time to go back to business:
I drew these designs heavily inspired by some vintage shoes, and men's fancy dress shoes of old. There's just something very applicable when transforming classic men's dress shoe designs to women's high heels:

The left one's inspired by a boot design from the 1920's. The right one is an adaptation of a classic men's ankle boot model, that's still manufactured by some brands.


  1. yksi sana riittää: perfect! Tuo saapas on ihan mielettömän kaunis!

  2. Kiitos Nelliina! Se on oikeastaan kopioitu "vintage shoes" kirjasta, jossa oli tosin matalampi korko. Piirsin tietenkin myös omaa näkemystäni siihen. En voi siis ottaa ihan kaikkia krediittejä... mutta noin 62% kuitenkin ;) Olen kanssasi samaa mieltä kauneudesta, kuva iski kirjassa heti silmään. Se on elegantti 1920 luvun luomus mutta voisi ihan hyvin olla nykypäivältäkin. Ajaton malli.

  3. Oijjjoii :) Täysin samaa mieltä Nelliinan kanssa.