Wednesday, August 17

Some moment's from summer and the what-next?

Hi everyone! I must apologize for the long pause; during the last couple days I've been busy making myself and my blog some business cards. They'll hopefully arrive next week as I'm very excited to see how they turned out. Maybe some of you've noticed the slight differences in the graphic design of my blog? Well, that's been going on too :) I wanted it to match my business cards, so a change was necessary. I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome, though. There's just something that doesn't quite work... I'd be  ever grateful for any advice or feedback about the design.

Back to business: My summer vacation was nice with days filled with sun, two music festivals and just plain rest from all the planning and thinking about work and shoes. I don't know about you all, but usually, all that's running around my mind is shoe related, especially now that I've started the blog. It's just constant! So that was another fine reason to keep a pause, so I'll remain even partially sane ;)

I want to share some images from the summer, and a peek of what's going on right now:

I was fortunate to visit a place dear to me: kasakallio. Can you guess where it is? Many would be surprised, as it isn't  far up north or anything: it's in Helsinki! Quite close to vuosaari actually. There's also a grave from the bronze age, with a huge pile of rocks on the top. Funnily this place isn't mentioned in the maps anymore. The location: here.

I went to an exhibition in the national art museum, ateneum with my cousin Saana. Another nostalgic trip, since I haven't been to lapland since I moved back to helsinki in 2003. Through the years I've gotten that longing for lapland, so this exhibition was a nice remedy. Recommended if you're into lapland :)

Inside Ateneum, we found a workshop wherein one could make he's own graphics with a pressing technique. It was maybe meant for children, but we were right at home :)

Here's my cousin Saana working on her graphic work.

And what a surprise! It's a high heel!!! :D

Here's our masterpieces ready for printing.

The works were pressed on special thick paper through this über cool press :)

And voilá! Maybe the museum would take it to their exhibition? ;)

And here's what's laying on my table at work this very moment. An polyurethane copy of the lasts I made the Eallins with. Although they look a bit rough around the edges, after some tidying they'll work as a fine pair of lasts. I borrowed the originals and with the owner we estimated that they're propably from the 40's or 50's. Could be older, but they're a real piece of design candy nevertheless. These will be a part of my next project, so let's just see what happens.

Thank you all for your patience.

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