Thursday, July 28

Quality leather is what a shoemaker needs

A few weeks ago I contacted a finnish leather factory and provider: Ahlskog leathers. They provide almost individually reindeer leather, with the exception of some articles made of lamb. I asked via email that is it possible to get samples of their stock colors and some particular articles I was interested in. I was not only surprised of their quick reply with email, but of the thick envelope that waited for me in my kitchen table: two days after my email. Not only did it have the sample sheets I wanted, but also a pricelist and a handwritten letter with very relevant info. Now that's customer service! I don't know how it's usually done abroad, but here in Finland... this is something that all companies should strive to. So thank you Ahlskog!

Factory made reindeer leather isn't very familiar to me, as I've only dealt with completely traditionally handmade reindeer leather called in lapland as sisna. But the vibrant colors and the high quality of the samples makes me definitely want to try out Ahlskog's products. Most of the leathers were about 0,5mm thick which means they're mainly suitable for linings, but luckily few of the categories proved thick enough for uppers.
Can't wait to make a pair out of their leathers!

Just showing the catalog's front with two extra sheets for other articles.

And here's the whole set: four pages filled with beautiful colors and leather.

Instant love with the red suede <3

The extra surprise: a hand written letter! I'm not dealing with a robot! \o/
I know it's a small touch, but it just gives that something to remember :)

Yeah, I know this subject might have been aaaabit booOOooring, but I just wanted to share it. Coz it made-my-day! Period.


  1. Mulle tuli oranssia poroa 1 vuota. Se toki on vaan tuota nyörinleikkuuta varten, mutta ei ollu huonon tuntuista vaiks oli 2-laatua....

  2. Joo-o, myös oopperan suutari kehui nahkoja hyviksi. Varmaan pakko vain kokeilla!

  3. Omg tuolla paperissa lukee Saana! :D <3 Upeita värejä. <3 Meinas ihan silmäkulmat kostua, niin kuin aina kun joku toteuttaa jotain todella hyvin, tässä tapauksessa asiakaspalvelua! <3

  4. Saana: Kyllä! Lisää hyvää asiakaspalvelua suomeen!

  5. Kiitos muuten itsellesin "hyvästä asiakaspalvelusta" :) Arvontapalkinto tuli perille ja on enemmäin kuin mieluinen. Ja todella ihana kirje <3 Kiitos siitä! Uskon todella tekemiseesi ja toivon kaikkea hyvää jatkolle.
    Aurinkoista kesänloppua


  6. Henaja: Ole hyvä, kiva kuulla että palkinto osui ja upposi niin sanotusti :) Arvostan rohkaisevia sanojasi ja hyvää kesänloppua myös sinulle H.