Sunday, July 3

Making Ballerinas - Part 5 The new design

At last! The project posts continue! It took me some time, but maybe after seeing it you'll understand why it takes relatively long time to make shoes. Especially if one has only his spare time to do them.
Anyhow, this post was originally meant to be longer but I had to split it in two parts because of it's image volume: 23. So, in this first part I'll just introduce to you all the fixed new design and some steps after. Enjoy.

Here you'll see the difference: the upper is the old design with the "wings" and below the fixed version that I'll make into the actual ballerinas. 

The different pattern pieces are copied through the basic copy to another cardboard.

Allowances and other markings are made with specific tools.

Holes are punched to guidance points. This will help you place the uppers in correct positions.

The templates are then cut out with a knife.

And here's all the templates we need to make the uppers :)

The templates are then used to draw them on the material of your choice.

All the templates are drawn. It's scissoring time!
And here's every piece ready for the next phase: skiving and sewing. My material choices were: regular cow leather on the front pieces, artificial suede called alcantara (used usually in car upholstery and couches) for the back pieces and goat leather for the linings. As a bonus there's vegetally tanned 1mm side stiffeners that'll... well, stiffen the sides :) They'll go hidden between the uppers and the lining. But more of that later.

Next up is the sewing and making the insole. See you soon!


  1. Tätä on hauska seurata. jotenkin ei osaa ajatella kuinka monta tekovaihetta nuinkin yksinkertaisessa kengässä voi olla. Jännää nähdä sitten lopputulos.

  2. Kiitos Unikuu :D Muistaakseni herraskenkien gurumerkin John Lobbin saitilla mainostettiin että kenkien teossa on 190 eri työvaihetta. Tässä omassa ballerinaprojektissakin monia pieniä vaiheita jää dokumentoimatta koska kyseessä on enemmänkin esittely kuin tutoriaali. Lopputulosta jännitän minäkin ;)