Thursday, July 21


The lottery is still on, and will finish on the 24th. So you'll still have some time to participate! Please, read the rules in the previous post.

Meanwhile, I'm on a four week summer vacation and enjoying life. But we cannot let the wheels rust now can we? So what I'd like to know is, what are your favourite autumn shoes and why?
Here's some of mine:

Ok, I know it's not an autumn shoe,
but just look at that bootie! My love
for contrast colours is obvious.
Newton, by Gucci
Cést Moi Bootie, by Christian Louboutin.
The buttons remind us of late 19th century,
but make it an elegant bootie.

Maybe the most fitting to Finland's weather, a Gloria booty by Christian Louboutin.
Not really a fan of the square-ish tip, but all in all a very classic and great shoes that
surprise me with their apparent practicality.


  1. I don't know if this is going to work, but my one and only autumn shoes are these: Not very pretty (except for their kind, for which they are extremely stylish) but functional and really something that fits Finland and all the slosh. <3

  2. Saana: Invader boots have always their place when it comes to practicality and that certain style. And these only look bad in the most positive sense of the word. Did you know that the screws were originally because there was a sheet of plywood before the sole, so the rubber was screwed on it? I don't remember which manufacturer did this originally though. Could be from the 2nd WW.