Friday, December 30

New years Memoires

AAaaand it's another wonderful year past, which in fact has been full of changes. But first, before anything else, to those who missed my apologies on facebook: I apologize for my lack of informative knowledge on the account of my blog. I've been terribly tired, largely to the blame of the dark passing month. All shoe projects have gone on hold, but hopefully this new year brings new strength and enthusiasm!

This babble reminds me of a saying one of my teachers always repeated: "Only the guilty ones explain and explain" ;)

BUT, before venturing to new stuff we'll have a look at what actually happened. As some of you have probably found out by themselves; my blog is quite a new one. I made my first post on 28th of may of this year. So that's almost exactly an even 7 months, which to my mind is not a long time. But I feel like lots of stuff happened during those intensive months. Let's have a quick memorial on some of the highlights:

My very first post. Yenni shoes for my wife. Here.

After a few posts and some random ladies fashion blog surfing, it was time for action!
I got a spark from a discussion in Paubella's blog to make a pair of ballerinas and to document it.
Take out the measuring tape! Here.
And this was the outcome. After 10 posts and about a hundred images later. Here.

I started to draw designs too. While they're not the most anatomic or realisticly proportionate, I find some of them quite pleasing. I can also see an advancement on the designs page, because they're listed chronologically. Here.

I held my first lottery on mid July. Some high quality oak tanned outer sole leather keyrings :)

I even designed my own business card for my blog! Shamely, it seemed that I was the only one that was super excited about them :) Are business cards so passé? There is a strongish resemblance to early Minna Parikka. Somewhere.
But I'm quite satisfied with them so far. Even though I woudn't use the stripes anymore. They're just too much.

Two sided! Another feature I was completely and utterly hyped about, without similiar enthusiasm from others ;)
Oh well, another time then.

Just looking at this photo makes me want to leave all this bespoke quirckyness and  to: "just do it".
Just make it. Make pairs and pairs of beautiful shoes without the headache of fitting and shaping.
A gorgeus pair! I mean the heel and the last. Absolutely gorgeus. Here.

And a magnificient project started with Niina the author of Nelliinan Vaatehuone, a famous finnish fashion blog.
Still on the wörks.
Here's her boots. Mockups that is. 

Drew designs for my first potential customer.

My first customer with an 9,5cm high heel. Needs some tweaking still. The position is quite aggressive. More of this next year ;)

And as a final reminder: I've made a small gift to one of you, and there's a lottery on the way! On sunday!

I want to thank you all for being here and being interested! Without you all this wouldn't make much sense. We crossed the 10000 visitors limit this month too, so it's another reason to celebrate! Until Sunday, may you all have the greatest and most inspirational 2012! Happy new years <3



  1. Nostan hattua ja ihailen ammattitaitoasi! Itsekin olen käsityöläinen, mutta kenkien teko on mulle täysi mysteeri ja seuraan mieluusti blogiasi. Innolla odotan mitä tuleva vuosi tuo tullessaan :D

  2. Kumarran syvään ja olen kiitollinen sanoistasi! Kengänteko on tosiaankin aikamoista velhoutta, jossa piilee kuitenkin logiikka aina jossain. Odotan innolla ammattitaitoni kasvamista ;)

    Ensi vuonna kujeet varmasti pikkuhiljaa muuttuvat. Kenkiä varmasti teen, mutta se saa sävyjä opinnoistani. Eli siis jalkinemestarin tutkinnosta. Näin ainakin visioin, saa nähdä miten se sitten lopulta menee. Varmasti upeasti :D