Tuesday, November 22

All we need is a little patience.

Unfortunately I have to tell you all that my posts will be down for a few more days. :(
Life's full of tasks right now, there's a lot to do, and two shoe projects are taking a quantity from my free time. So I'll be back, hopefully soon when I'll have some decent progress made with my projects.

I'm happy to say that the second mockup was done via a video chat with Niina, and she ok'd them. So now it's official: next up with those is the actual process of making them ready. Finally.
Ms. Melissa's black below-the-knee-high boots's patterns and mockups are currently on the works, too.

Here's some inspirational random shoe-related images alá google:

Septieme Largeur



Giuseppe Zanotti

Septieme Largeur

Christian Louboutin

But I bid you all adieu for now,
May you all have the most decent and delightful early winter :)



  1. oh, noi vikat kengät perfecto!

  2. Samaa mieltä Anna! Aika täydellinen suoritus tommoseen perinteiseen derby leikkaukseen. Derbyä käytetään perinteisesti arkisemmissa kengissä, koska se aukeaa helpommin, jolloin mitatkin voivat olla vähän sinne päin.
    Tässä on kaikessa yksinkertaisuudessaan hiottu timantti, aina tuota meripihkaan vivahtavaa punaista myöten. Nam!