Saturday, September 3

What happened after Inari? Well, more Handicrafts

After I got back from Inari in 2003, I was happy to live in Vantaa and Helsinki again. During those years I mainly did some odd jobs here and there before I discovered shoemaking. Meanwhile, I did manage to make some nice pieces of handicrafts. For order, mainly.

A pair of cute Dragon earrings for my cousin.

Being more like a decoration, rather than an object of use this tablet was an order to be given as a gift to a yoga group in Taiwan. That decoration in the middle took some serious carving!

A anniversary gift order. A kuksa.

Tässä vielä muutamia tekeleitäni vuosilta Inarin jälkeen. Ylimpänä korvakorut serkkutytölle, sitten taulu joka tilattiin lahjaksi Taiwaniin sekä hääpäivälahja kuksa.

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