Sunday, March 11

Shoe Designs - The gentleman's envy

The Gentleman's envy:
The Dressing Bird

For the blight of you all, I took a break from blogging after finishing Nina's bespoke high heels. So, because I had a few sketches in my book just waiting for some ink, I thought I'd share it with all of you.

So there, one can clearly see my love for two toned heels. Another quite obvious fact is, that currently I'm just drooling on the high heel which took it's style from the traditional men's dress shoes. As most of you might know, this is a brogue. The connoisseur would call it a full brogue oxford, coming from the W-styled toe cap. This cap cut is also known as the wingtip. The definition brogue means that most (if not all) of the pieces's edges have perforation decorations.

Gentlemen's dress shoes + women's high heels = <3
A simple equation.

~ Otso

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