Monday, January 16

Studying the essence of a high heel

For those that missed my morning announcement on facebook; I'm currently having a three day educational period in Kankaanpää, as a part of my Master Shoemaker studies.
When I first came this morning, I had no idea what was going to happen. So I made a mistake by not bringing some high heel lasts or previous patterns I had made. Even though it was all awkward for me, my instructor quickly guided me to begin a test project from a pair of vintage heel lasts.

Let's see  what happened today:

This is the last. Now, I won't modify it in any way, just design something and eventually make it.  Luckily, they had some components ready: the heels and the insoles are ready :) which makes my work alot easier.

I'm currently not a big fan of pointy heels. Maybe that'll change some day?

As another proof of their antiquity: they've been cast on a wooden block.

A wooden filling inside a brass tube. You ain't gonna see this kind of construction anywhere anymore. These babies have to be nailed.

The insoles are an almost fit. Needs some tinkering.

This is the sketch I did. A full brogue oxford cut. Well planned is half done.

Next up was making the tape copy.

And that 3D shape transformed into 2D.

And this is waiting for tomorrow's mockup.


  1. Ei tartte naulata korkolappuja, sä voit pistää kuule 2,5 mm poranterällä poraten ton koron magulan auki, ja sit vaan nastilappu siihen. Toimii kuin junan vessa ;)

    1. Kiitos Kirsti :) ei nää tuukkaan käyttöön kun vain koristeeksi. Onko sulla itellä käytössä kyseisellä lestillä/koroilla tehdyt popot?

  2. It's good to sometimes do stuff that you're not the biggest fan of. Broadens your horizons. You never know when a client walks in and demands pointy heels. :D <3 Loving the idea of you sitting on a school bench. ;)

    1. True enough, dear Saana. I thought it'd be fun to try this kind of extremely traditional style from the men's shoe world. And to fit it into this exaggerated toe shape. Funny, but they seem to turn out pretty nice :D size 3 brogues, anyone?