Monday, January 9

Excitement & Intrigue

Ladies and Gents! I had a quiet time on the blog during the december, so I wanted to make it up to you all: A lottery with a leather/cloth reflector for the security of darkness out there.

The dice has rolled:

A list of all the participants with their double tickets and all.
37 people came to the poll. Which is nice :)

I used - once again - the true random number generator by

***And the winner is:***

Congrats Laura L.!
She was actually the first to participate to this lottery, so lucky her!
Laura, please send your delivery address to maensivushoes /ät/

I still want to thank you all for participating,
it's above all lovely :)


  1. oi,onnen tyttö. onnea voittajalle!

  2. Voi, aivan mieletöntä! Ehkä upein arvontavoitto ikinä! Super happy :D! Kiitos! Laitan viestiä :)

  3. Unikuu: Samaa mieltä ;)

    Laura L.: xD

  4. Damn! Mulla ei ole koskaan arpaonnea :D

    Mutta onnittelut voittajalle, palkinto on todella kaunis :)