Sunday, August 31

This is the end.

As all you past follower's have obviously come to realize I havent posted in 1,5 years. So I finally had the realization that it's finally time to close this thing up. I want to thank anyone who had any interest in my blog through it's short life.

I'd like to make note that this blog's posts do not reflect the skills and knowledge I currently possess and have since gained.

I'm still active daily on my facebook and instagram accounts where you'll always find the latest events and shoemaking phases. See you there:


  1. Thanks for sharing your work here with us... I always enjoyed your posts. I will make sure I follow you on facebook and instagram... and it's always nice to see you pop up on the shoemaking forum too!

    All the best with it all!

    1. Thank you so much Janine! I'm ever grateful of your response, see you on shoemaking forum :)