Sunday, August 31

This is the end.

As all you past follower's have obviously come to realize I havent posted in 1,5 years. So I finally had the realization that it's finally time to close this thing up. I want to thank anyone who had any interest in my blog through it's short life.

I'd like to make note that this blog's posts do not reflect the skills and knowledge I currently possess and have since gained.

I'm still active daily on my facebook and instagram accounts where you'll always find the latest events and shoemaking phases. See you there:

Monday, February 18

Mistress of the Prairie

So these are a pair of bespoke ladies high heels I made a while back in 2012. The wishes of the client were:

  • Western boot theme
  • Shoes
  • No laces
  • Orthopaedic insole inside
  • Black
  • Something red for a deco
I must say it was a great experience as I was eager to test all kinds of new techniques that had been trolololling in my mind for quite some time. Nowadays I would've done a bunch of stuff very differently, like that heel which I think would've required some more feminism in it ;)

Still, I'd really wan't to try and sew a really high heel shoe to a welt.

But this is what I came up with in the end. Enjoy!

Gosh, I really do miss the spring like crazy!